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Inspire Education Group, Inc., is dedicated to helping students gain access to education in numerous settings.  By working and training professionals in the field of education and social work, our purpose is to help others find missing  links between the student and the curriculum for total student achievement…

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bulls_eye GOAL:

By offering numerous services to enrich the total child, Inspire Education Group, Inc.’s, goal is to help students reach their potential for learning.

IEG also works to train educators in the areas of normative culture to better serve students who are exhibiting disruptive behaviors in the classroom at school.


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process circleWe care about students, that never changes. Knowing that changes take time, has led to the years of success stories in working with students who have been previously given up on by other educators.

To change a habit, or thought pattern, it takes the average person 21 days.  In addition to the time it takes to change that thought pattern, it also takes commitment, strength and focus.

Students who fall out of the “average” category need more than 21 days, more strength surrounding them, people to help them focus and committed, caring staff that can help them change their behaviors and be in an environment to learn.

This process is never-ending. There are always ways to change, new strategies to try and the need for continuous learning for staff to work effectively with students.

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